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Please Report Any Spammers, Scammers or Crooks

If you consider an ad to be spam, a scam or fraud, or you know there's a crook about, please report it here. Opinions expressed here are those of the author(s) only. The Hummer Network is not responsible for anything posted here.

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Please Report Any Spammers, Scammers or Crooks

Postby Hummer Network on Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:47 am

If you see a post or receive a private message which you believe to be spam or a scam, please report it here. This also applies to any e-mail you might receive through the Marketplace. You could also contact an admin about it. We are as diligent as possible in preventing spammers and scammers from accessing this system, but nothing is perfect. One could still slip through the cracks. In that case, we need the help and cooperation of users in order to identify spammers and/or scammers who might get in.

If you do find any spam, whatever you do DO NOT RESPOND TO IT by replying, PM or e-mail. Responding will encourage the spammer(s) and would likely result in an increase in spam. Please report any spam you find so the spam can be deleted and the spammer(s) removed.

Also if you know of any known crooks who are using the Marketplace, please report it here.


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