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Shane Fowler - geneseemtn - geneseemtn@hotmail.com

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Shane Fowler - geneseemtn - geneseemtn@hotmail.com

Postby woytovich on Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:30 am

I just wanted to give a heads up regarding a recent transaction that took place between me and Shane Fowler (AKA geneseemtn email: geneseemtn@hotmail.com)

Shane advertised an "Amsteel Blue 7/16 winch rope" for sale over on another forum (ih8mud.com). He said that it came new on a winch he had bought and that it had never been used. He said that it was genuine Amsteel Blue rope.

When I received it it just didn't look right. I reached out on the forum to get opinions. The info I got back made be uncomfortable that this rope was 1. genuine Amsteel Blue and 2. assembled into a winch rope in a manner consistent with accepted and safe industry practices.

I attempted to contact Shane via email telling him all of this and asking for a refund. I even offered to eat the shipping both ways since I didn't KNOW that this was not Amsteel. I told him that I would not feel confident that it was safe to use this rope. He never returned any of the multiple emails I sent.

I found a listing of his on craigslist and another on ebay. I contacted him through both of those and he didn't return my emails.

I found mention of his participation in a Hummer event in Colorado. I reached out to the administration of the Hummer club involved, Dave Breggin returned my email saying he knew of Shane. Dave asked me to send him pictures of the rope so he could show an expert in the field to get his opinion. Dave got back to me saying: 1. His expert said the rope was not Amsteel Blue and 2. That Shane was not returning his emails either.

Next I found a phone number for Shane on a Craigslist ad of his. I called Shane and explained my situation. I was polite and careful to not accuse him of intentionally deceiving me. I said that I was not comfortable that the rope was safe and that "experts" had voiced their opinion that things were not right with the rope and how it was assembled. I told him that I hoped we could not make a big thing out of this and that we could settle this like gentlemen... He refused to take the rope back (by the way the rope was still in the package that he sent it to me in, I had not installed it). Shane said: "I'm not Walmart, I don't take returns." Then he hung up on me.

I have since sent the rope to another expert in the field who has given me more concrete information about the rope. You can see his pictures and comments here:

http://forum.ih8mud.com/winching-recove ... lease.html

I just wanted to tell this story here so that you all could approach your dealing with geneseemtn with caution.

Please feel free to contact me or post here if you want any more information.

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