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Oshkosh M977A2 HEMTT 8X8 Military truck ***RARE***

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Oshkosh M977A2 HEMTT 8X8 Military truck ***RARE***

Postby RDUKW on Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:25 pm

1987 Oshkosh M977A2 HEMTT 8X8. This truck was rebuilt by the government in 2006 and turned into a M977A2. The truck has the electronic controlled Detroit 8V-92 and 5 speed electronic Allison transmission. She cruises easily at 65 all day long. I believe this may be the ONLY M977A2 in the public hands. There has only been a couple other variants of the A2 sold one being a tanker and a PLS. The truck is in great running condition and everything works including the crane. The truck has a clean California title registered Historic. Also has 4 brand new batteries.

I may consider a interesting trade or trades. I am looking for a 2004 or 2006 Hummer H1( I have other vehicles to trade including a very low mile 96 Hummer H1)

$75,000 obo
Located in Costa Mesa, California
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