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1972 AM General M35A2C Deuce and a Half $19K OBO

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1972 AM General M35A2C Deuce and a Half $19K OBO

Postby hypersonicaz on Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:16 am

Full complete restoration completed 4/10/14 by FTF Tech. of San Clemente California.

This truck was an amazing find. It was actually a US Army Truck once before it was transferred to a Southern California Air National Guard Base, so it was always a West Coast truck and just recently brought to Texas.

In 1984 it received a complete military overhaul - NEW engine, transmission, transfer case, axles. All gauges work and illuminate including headlights, running lights, brakes, turn signals and rack lights. Tires are about 90% and in good shape. Starts and runs great. Maxon gate lift is in perfect running order. Comes equipped with GLAD hands and solar trickle charger to keep the batteries topped off.

Between 1972 when it was manufactured and today, it has only been driven a total of 25,200 miles.
Almost every major and minor mechanical part is new or rebuilt - from all the wheel bearings (inner and outer), axle seals and brakes to the Injection/Lift Pump, Injectors, Air Lines, most of the Wiring, Gaskets, Hoses, Fluids, Alternator and Batteries...all completed by FTF Tech in April 2014. Window frame gaskets are in good shape with just some minor worn areas. Very slight rusting on a hood hinges but very little over all.

This truck started as a stock AMG 6X6 M35A2C from the military that was already in excellent shape and it had already received a cargo modification; the addition of a Flat/Stake Bed with a heavy duty 2,000 lb MAXON Lift Gate. You can use this truck for all kinds of applications. It was then torn down to the frame and then went completely through the motor, stripped the frame and the body and reassembled it.

The high-traffic areas got two coats of a durable commercial spray-on bed liner. The frame and all body panels are also sanded and prepped and then they get 2 coats of a high quality filler primer. After more sanding and prep, 2 coats of Military Camouflage paint goes on and once cured under the lamps, all the stenciling is matched and replaced.

The interior, engine compartment and undercarriage receive as much prep and attention prior to painting as the body did.

Most of the wiring, brake lines and air lines are inspected and replaced if needed and then rear hubs are turned (replacing the inner and outer wheel bearings and axle seals at the same time) so the front and rear tires track correctly - don't cut corners and use offset wheels - this way you can rotate your tires any time you want.

Lastly are added an EXCELLENT set of MONSTER 46" tall Michelin Super Single 395/85R20 XZL's with new custom-cut 2-piece military wheels underneath this beast.

Clear Title on hand! You can register this truck immediately for on-street use!!

-Legendary White LDT-465-1C Multi Fuel 6 Cylinder Turbo Diesel Motor (BRAND NEW IN 1984); Inline 478 Cubic Inch (7.8 L) turbocharged engine developing 134 bhp (100 kW) and 330 foot-pounds force (447 N-m) of torque
-5 Speed Synchronized Overdrive Manual Transmission
-Rockwell 136-27 air-operated divorced 2-speed Selectable Transfer Case with air-shifted cab control to disengage front wheel drive. -Rockwell 2-1/2 Ton Top Loader Axles with 6-72 Gear Ratio
-Air Assisted Hydraulic Six Wheel Drum Brake System with a Driveline Parking Brake; each drum designed for maximum efficiency - individual drums can dissipate up to 12 kilowatts (16 hp) or braking heat
-30,000 BTU Hunter Cab Heater with Defrost
-Insulated Hard Top (Removable) on Cab
-8' X 13' Flat/Stake Bed with Removable Side and Rear Gates. (7' 6" Inside Width/12' 10" Inside Length)
-Manifold Heater for Cold Weather Starting
-24-Volt Electrical System Utilizing Dual 12 Volt Batteries Run in Series (2 Brand New Batteries)
-All New Interior Upholstery and Seat Cushions.
Regularly (just replaced primary and both secondary fuel filters as well as both oil filters and hydraulic filters. Flushed radiator, drained and purged air lines and replaced -Professionally Serviced all fluids; oil, transmission, transfer case, hydraulic/brake and all three axles)!

This is an awesome piece of military history and a great collector/promotional or work vehicle. This truck is ready to go. Own a part of American History!

It is located in Dallas, TX if you would like to see in person. Asking $19k OBO.




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