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Trophy Truck for sale 85K OBO

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Trophy Truck for sale 85K OBO

Postby reverhart on Sat Aug 02, 2014 3:29 pm



email: reeverhart@yahoo.com

This is a Trophy Truck, very close to complete, all new frame, body, trailing arms, rear end housing- beautiful now you can finish and race.
This was to be the rebuild of the monster garage trophy truck, in fact many of the parts are from the original truck. 85K OBO I have no time with work, my loss your gain--

358 Nascar Engine 800+ hp with papers and charts
Inconel Race Headers (22 lbs)
Carb Shop - Desert Racing Carb.
Dry Sump Pump
oil sump and fuel safe fill plate
TCS Converter
New Flex Plate
(Brand New) Culthane Turbo 400 transmission
Fresh Currie 5:14 third member
300M TCS axles (new) the rear end is WMS of 73.75 and the total axle length is 75.625 overall. Center pinion. Harmon Custom Fuel Cell with sender and foam (new) with fuel safe fill plate
Ron Davis Custom Radiator (West Coat choppers)
Oil Cooler
Trans coolers
2" Chromalloy Trophy Truck Tube Frame
"Donaldson Air Cleaner Power Core® Air Cleaner Two-Stage"
Howe Power Steering Rack 1
Rear King KONG 4.0 bypass 18” stroke “Jesse James” Edition gold and black 2
Rear KING 3.0 coil-overs 16” stroke “Jesse James” Edition gold and black 2
Front King KONG 4.0 Bypass 14” stroke shocks (not coated yet)
Front KING 3.0 Coil-over 14” stroke “Jesse James” Edition gold and black
Bump Stops
Lower Arms, Uprights, Steering arms Master Craft 3G Seats USED from Monster Garage Trophy Truck
Walker Evans 17" wheels with 37" Projects from Monster Garage
Desert Specialty Hubs
Used Geiser Fiber Glass Body
fabricated rear storage (aluminum)
battery boxes
fuel lines (new)
wiring harness
switches and gauges
wildwood brakes
spindles and drive flanges
Aero 1000 pumps
Aero Fuel Regulator
Aero Fuel Filters
check valves
Rod Ends, Spherical Bearings MDS Ignition system- may need new rev limiter
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