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M101A2 - Army Hummer Trailer

Anything that can be towed by a Hummer

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M101A2 - Army Hummer Trailer

Postby MadMax on Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:41 am

for more pictures visit,

This M101-A2 was cargo trailer. It tows wonderful behind the Hummer or truck.

$1300 or best offer takes trailer. Tail lights work. The trailer connection was converted to a 4 socket prong, but if needed can reconnect Hummer pigtail socket.

The army fully rebuilt this trailer in 2011, and spent over $5,000 on it. This trailer is very heavy duty (obviously built for army).

-Aluminum body that is easy to pull behind truck but can still carry a lot of weight, and it wont rust!
-Has a total payload of 1500 lbs.
-Tires are in good condition
-Paint is in good condition.
-Cargo Box tilt capability.
-Has locking brakes to keep it in place if you want to disconnect truck.
-Trailer jack and back Stability jacks included

Has a pintle hitch, but can easily be converted to a regular ball hitch. I found it much easier to just buy a pintle hitch slide in for my hitch on truck. I will include truck pintle hitch for an extra $100 if you want it.

I have seen these used for all sorts of things, including hauling dirt, tilt box, debris, and 4 wheelers. I also have seen them converted into off road pop up campers.

For more information, Call or text me (8-three-2)63eight-3Sl8
for more pictures visit,

Listed below are all the great things that come included:

- Chassis frame: Tongue 3 inch rectangular frame, Cargo box chassis frame 5 inch C-beam
- Aluminium Cargo box
- Tilt box
- Size Rims: 16 inch x 6.5 inch
- Tires: LT 235/85 R-16 Cooper tire, have great thread
- Pintle hook system connection
- Suspension: Semi-elliptical 5 leave spring assembly & hydraulic double acting shock absorbers
- Break system: Surge hydraulic system and external hand breaks
- Signal lights: 12 Vdc &/or 24 Vdc (has blackout light case)
- Tie-down (14), heavy duty shackles (4)
- Handbrake lever (2) right and left
- Back support stabilizer leg
- 4 prong civilian connection and Military connection plug (pigtail)

Note: This trailer has been well kept for its years, but has some dents on back door and side.
for more pictures visit,
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