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Wanted hummer h1 wagon just about any condition

Hummer H1s wanted to buy or trade - Trucks only, Parts/Accessories is a separate category below

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Wanted hummer h1 wagon just about any condition

Postby MFGIV on Wed Sep 04, 2019 4:56 am

I’m looking for a 96 or newer 6.5 turbo diesel wagon. Running would be nice but not a deal breaker , body in decent condition, some rust or rusted through on the roof assembly sides and or rear is acceptable, rusted or rotted through frame is acceptable as long as it is drivable, factory interior unmolested or modified and in tacked. I don’t mind having to work on it to get it in shape to enjoy. I am not looking to flip the truck, I am looking for something to keep for a long time. I have a budget of about $30k depending on the condition of the truck. Please send pics of the truck, and info on the truck, you can text the information to me. If you call leave a message. My number is 440-376-2839.
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