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Cash in hand. Looking for a H1 Wagon worth around 50k

Hummer H1s wanted to buy or trade - Trucks only, Parts/Accessories is a separate category below

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Cash in hand. Looking for a H1 Wagon worth around 50k

Postby Jummer on Wed Jun 01, 2016 1:06 pm

Looking for a well taken care of 97.5 or newer H1 Wagon. I'm looking for a nice vehicle, in very good shape. Can go higher if circumstances are right. Please feel free to text or call 859-486-9793
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Re: Cash in hand. Looking for a H1 Wagon worth around 50k

Postby maggiemoo1 on Mon Jul 04, 2016 11:22 am

98 H1 50k miles, $50k 207-528-4047
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Re: Cash in hand. Looking for a H1 Wagon worth around 50k

Postby DerekCanuck on Tue Jul 19, 2016 8:20 pm

2002 pewter wagon, 61500 miles, really nice shape. Pm me if interested
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Re: Cash in hand. Looking for a H1 Wagon worth around 50k

Postby CMRA on Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:43 am

My 2002 6.5 TD HMCS "F BLOCK" or "GEP ENHANCED BLOCK" is for sale.
85,000 miles
See H1s for sale in the Marketplace.

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Re: Cash in hand. Looking for a H1 Wagon worth around 50k

Postby ShawnSak on Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:58 pm

If your still looking for an H1 in great shape let me know. I've got one that has been extensively refurbished with 40000$ In new parts. 12 year tune up that includes new rotors, pads, rebuilt calipers all four wheel gear boxs rebuilt with all new parts and spares parts taken out all in perfect shape, four new half shafts with the old ones as spares in perfect shape, two sets of wheels and tires,(one set of Dave cepak aluminum 17 inch with Yokohama geolanders, one set 16.5 inch aluminum with super swampers). New air lines and refurbished cti system (new deflate valves, new metal braided lines from gear boxes to wheels, rancho remote control air shock system, new Dave cepak adjustable shocks, all new hoses, new electrical cables from batteries to starter & such, 2 new batteries still under warentee, new vacuume pump, new waste gate selonoid, new low coolant sensor, new factory windshields with defrost, new blower, new generator, new alternator, rebuilt amc starter, full over hood bush guard, air conditioning so cold you can chill beverages, heater in perfect condition, monsoon stereo with monsoon sub, cd changer all working great, new abs/tti control module, and on and on I could go. Know cti system, abs, tti and every system has been lovingly refurbished and this H1 has not been used for rock climbing or abused by me but rather used for hunting season and open range travel / road use thus 2 different sets of wheels and tires. This is my baby. BUT my oldest child has just been offered a partial scholarship at a very exclusive school two years early, and so due to fact his education fund doesn't mature for two years I am on the scramble to raise $120 000 to make it happen for him. We got this year covered but he has 4 more years at least and I got two more kids! So... I guess it's time to face the fact I got to give her up. Additionally this H1 is legal in BOTH USA and CANADA meaning it has had all brokerage and Canadian import paperwork done with valid Canadian issued registration and stickers. Sad day for me and happy day for someone who is serious about getting a unit I NEVER planned to part with thus all the refurbished work. Additionally it has been kept in a heated shop. Finally it comes with complete set of service books that cover everything to do with fixing or maintenance.
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