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Hmmwv C-Pillar supports

Parts and accessories for HMMWVs (Humvees) - For sale ONLY (no WTB)

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Hmmwv C-Pillar supports

Postby RetiredWarHorses on Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:08 am

M10XX series slantback C-Pillar bars $625.00
Will ship FedEx ground.
These have dried up, if you bought an M1043 at the auctions, you need this part as yours was demilled.
These are factory bars with reproduction skins and spoons.
Everything was copied from the original and test fit and Jigged by the fabricator.
Don’t be fooled by some of the other cheaply made copies being sold, these are OEM quality.
You spent a lot of money on your slantback, don’t go cheap on this vey important component.

NOTE: we also have a small quantity of these with out the turned and folded ends that would cover the sponson, these are for GMV builds.
These will still have the roof sealing surface skin, just no 90 degree edge for the rear hatch sealing surface.
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