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1990 M998 4 X Door hardtop completely restored $49,500

HMMWVs (Humvees) for sale - For sale ONLY (no WTB)

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1990 M998 4 X Door hardtop completely restored $49,500

Postby atljetplane on Thu Apr 01, 2021 11:11 am


Meticulous ground up restoration with incremental $10K customization from Michael @ Black Dog Custom. He can and is willing to vouch for quality of this truck . It just left his shop
• Two coats of Raptor Basalt Gray and One coat of epoxy primer inside and outside
• All black components sand blasted and powder coated semi-flat black,
• All suspension, chassis and undercarriage undercoated and painted
• Aluminum Midwest Military X-doors (4)
• Aluminum Plan B hard top and solid rear curtain with large sliding window
• All new glass including rear window/ side door windows/ two piece windshield,
• H1 brush guard with custom limb wire attachments,
• H1 four place light bar with custom limb wire attachments
• H1 Rubber Duck slant back rear tire carrier/rack,
• 54” LED light bar
• Aluminum factory snorkel
• Aluminum large hood vent
• Hood lift reinforcements
• All new rubber body/hood seals
• Complete LED light group including head lights/side lights/brake lights/blue dash/gauge lights/ license plate/ reverse light
• Custom rear light guards
• 2" receiver hitch
• Complete set of black plastic light buckets and gas filler
• New windshield washer arms and blades including internal wiper mechanism rebuild
• New hood straps complete set not just rubber dog bones,
• Complete new headlight buckets,
• New factory side mirrors and brackets
• New Goodyear Military MT tires (4), New Trailworthy PVC tire inserts (4) eliminating the heavy run flats (you can now air down your tires to almost nothing retaining the dual beadlock and not damaging the inside of your tires with the run flats)
• Full size spare mounted on rear rack,
• All new stainless hardware on everything.
• New captains chairs with arm rests (4)
• Custom aluminum fabricated driver's seat mount (not welded angle iron like most Humvee restorations)
• Wet Sounds Stealth 10 Bluetooth sound bar with sub-woofer ($1500+ install)
• Custom insulated and marine carpeted tunnel
• New factory steering wheel
• New factory gauges (5)
• Military passenger grab handle
• New seat belts (4)
• B-Pillar head pads
• New factory gas pedal assembly
• Rear view mirror
• Automatic/4wd gear selector
• 3 plug custom charging sytem fabricated in a pelican style case w/ 2 USB & 1 cigarette charger
• Automatic/4wd gear selector restored with lighted selector/paint/rubber boots.
• Interior floor mats from thick horse stall mat
• New and better sounding horn

• All fluids and lubricants replaced per American General
• Fuel cut off switch - keyed
• New glow plugs
• New starter
• New flex plate
• Rebuilt Tie Rod End
• Alignment
• Hardwired battery trickle charger with simple plug/play style NOCO plug
• Rebuilt Fuel tank parts/seals, goose neck, new magnetic fuel gauge reader
• New supplemental grounding harness
• New brakes pads front and rear including fluid and bleeding
• New factory hydrulic fan clutch and blades
• New fan belts (4)
• New thermostat and gasket
• Paradox by Design rear cylinder cooling system for 6.2L diesel
• New hydralic Cadillac valve and module
• New factory air filter
• New factory coolant bottle
• New universal joints on driveshaft
• New factory half shafts front and rear (4)
• New windshield washer bottle/pump/water lines and nozzles
• New batteries (2)
• New 24V-12V stepdown installed (run any 12V accessories you want such as a radio/phone charger/lighting etc..
• New always on w/ auto cut off light switches
• New red LED front and rear interior light strips
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