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Lots of H2 Parts- OEM U-Steps RARE, OEM Tail Lights... Etc

Hummer H2 parts and accessories

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Lots of H2 Parts- OEM U-Steps RARE, OEM Tail Lights... Etc

Postby hummblackout on Sat Mar 24, 2018 6:47 pm

I am selling off my Hummer H2 parts from my previous 2 H2's... I am still committed (now have an H1!) :lol:

Here is a list of Parts:

Rare U-Step Side mounts with Locking Know and Hardware (Lightly used great shape) $599.00 SOLD

Roof Markers and Clearence Markers- have a lot of these some in perfect condition and some not. See picture for pricing

H2 Emblems- I have 2

Smoked Roof Marker Kit- Lightly used $25

Center Console Cover plate in Black Leather $120

03 Black Side Vents (pair) $150

04-09 Black Side Vents (pair) $135

Hood Handles (pair) $150

2005 Owners Manual $75

6" OEM Fog Light Covers from factory 4x4 roof rack light kit- $99

OEM Tail Lights RH & LH $99

Buyer pays shipping

Text me with questions. No tire kicking. I don't need help selling anything. Have more to post soon.

Stpehen- (Eight56)417-6440 cell
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