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Hummer H2 OEM roof rack cap kit with key

Hummer H2 parts and accessories

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Hummer H2 OEM roof rack cap kit with key

Postby finall on Mon Jan 13, 2020 3:15 pm

Hummer H2 OEM roof rack cap kit with key

These keyd plug kits were discontinued many years ago.
And they are impossible to find.
And I just happen to have 2 spare ones to sell.

Part is used, and refurbished with extra plastic inside around lock mount.

This part replaces all of the following part numbers:

These are GM part #:
12498867 and 88980071
12498868 and 88980072
12498869 and 88980073
12498870 and 88980074
12498871 and 88980075

All of these part numbers are for the same piece.
The only difference is the keycode for the lock. The locks are removable and interchangeable between the plugs.

You get what the red arrow points to in the photo. End cap only. Not the whole roofrack.

(if you are reading this, item is available).

$69 USD
Item is in Vancouver, BC Canada.
Will ship anywhere in world. You pay for shipping.
Luggage rack endcap.jpg
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