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'02 H1 Glove Box

Parts and Accessories for H1s - For sale ONLY (no WTB)

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'02 H1 Glove Box

Postby dave6666 on Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:43 am

I replaced this glove box with a new one. With the exception of "let's over tighten the dog snot out of the mounting screws while we're building the truck and blow out the plastic case" syndrome, it's damn near a 10 / 10. It looks new in all of the places you would normally look at it.

Regarding the blown out mounting holes that is 100% repairable and if done right won't show. Easy to re-mold or re-glue with JB Weld plastic bonder epoxy. Just takes a little patience. If you haven't checked the price on new ones lately, this nice used one + a $6 tube or two of JB Weld + a few hours of your time and it will be done on the cheap. New OEM ones are $350 to $420. Reproductions are $240.

BTW, when I put my new one in I didn't even put the screws in. I just slid it in and it stays put and fits right up to the doghouse. I'm guessing the back end of it just sits perfectly on top of the ECU inside the doghouse.

$75 + shipping, by PayPal. I ship FedEx ground. I can provide a shipping cost with an address and if residential or commercial address.
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