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1993 HMC4 6.5 TD Mechanical 4 Speed Tan $39500 - Reno

Previously owned Hummer H1s for sale - For sale ONLY (no WTB)

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1993 HMC4 6.5 TD Mechanical 4 Speed Tan $39500 - Reno

Postby Rcale on Fri Sep 13, 2019 9:28 pm

Selling my 1993 6.5 TD MFI with 4 speed Transmission. 113,000 miles on the truck. Early civilian and even has the AM General Tailgate. I have had two kids since buying it and my wife asked to buy a camper...
It is ready to drive until the next 3k service interval except for the transmission oil and filter. Oil looks good but I want to get it changed for the buyer.
Overall a great truck. Not a show truck nor the fanciest, but simple with little electronics. Only computers are the 4 speed transmission controller and the Radio.
Was previously titled in CA as smog exempt. I titled here in NV, then as smog exempt because I wasn't driving more than 5000 miles a year.

I have 53 pictures on my phone if you are interested. Reno Craigslist has 23 pictures. ... 05547.html

Will donate to marketplace once sold.
Asking $39500, but open to offers.

Cons: (Full disclosure)
I have two ball joints rubber torn, but hold grease. I have replacement joints.
No AC, but has an aftermarket heater. Have all the old parts as I was going to put an AC in it, but never really needed to do so.
Paint is glossy, but does have some places that have peeled revealing the previous paint color.
Interior is not as nice as newer Hummers.
If it sits, I cycle glow plugs 2 times to fire. A little puff of smoke comes out and you are all good to go. Not really a con, just describing startup.
Windshield has chips. No changes in the years I have owned it. I might have spare glass, but I would have to check all my parts.
Wind up trouble light in hood was cut by previous owner.

6.5 TD with DB2 MFI pump. Engine was out of a 2002 Hummer that went in for a Duramax conversion. I was told about 40k miles on engine. The date code on the block matched up with it. The previous owner was a great guy and seemed to be as honest as he could so I'll take his word. Obviously converted from EFI.
Spin-on fan clutch.
Gobi Roof Rack (bars installed, but rack is not)
Wet Okole Seat covers on all four.
New batteries within the last year.
Spare tire carrier with matching spare and rim.
Total of three matching spares on rim for a total of 7 matching tires. Tires are two years old with the nubbins and nipples.
Remote OPS mod.
Lift pump running off the glow plug relay modification.
New radio and speakers.
Rock protection panels. Drawing a blank on correct name.
Custom undercarriage protection included but not installed; don't wheel it in rough places.
Custom bed racks. Works as a shelf.
No CTIS, might be a con for some, but 4 less worries for me.
No computers!!! Even if you were to pull the fuses to transmission, it would still drive in 1-2 gears.
Manual locks and windows.
Radiator is good.
Brand new power steering cooler.

Spare parts: Mostly in containers so I can't remember everything.
A Arms
Ball joints
Complete Drive Shaft
Complete Half shafts
2.73 differentials. One rebuilt, one is not.
Oil cooler or radiator, used.
Yakima Hummer Shelf/Rack. Looks cool in garage. 6x3 feet.
I believe I have rear glass replacements.
Extra steering components. pitman arm(s), idler arm(s), steering box(es)
I think I have an empty extra geared hub or two.
I probably have more but that is what I am sure of off the top of my head.
Old EFI fuel pump. Worth $300 as a core.
OEM brush guard, HD one installed.
Hummer Service CD with Code

Reno, NV
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