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2006 H1 Alpha 2nd wave, SlantBack Conversion, low mileage

Previously owned Hummer H1s for sale - For sale ONLY (no WTB)

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2006 H1 Alpha 2nd wave, SlantBack Conversion, low mileage

Postby STUDENT-DRIVER on Wed Aug 01, 2018 7:46 am

HUMMER H1 Alpha 2nd wave HMSB Slant Back conversion Only one for sale like this!

This is the Alpha you‘ll never get again:

HMMER H1 Alpha, 2nd wave production black interior.

Bigger Injectors and chip tuning, Installed a switch to switch between different tuning stages (need to be programmed)

Predator carbon hood scoop,
Predator D-Ring Brush-guard
Predator HD Air-lift loops (in the Hood)
Predator big cut outs in the Hood for the Airlift loops
Predator RockSliders
Predator exhaust pipe (no muffler)
Predator Lightbar
Predator Winch bumper with winch.
Predator lockable fuel doors

Front suspension lift
Wet wiper upgrade with nozzles on the wiper arms
Privacy (black tinted) windows on the side and the rear.
41“ Super Swamper tires on original Alpha rims
Floor mats for all 4 seats
LED Headlights
LED Tail Lights
LED Marker Lights
Scangauge II Installed
Pioneer SPH-DA120 Radio with touchscreen and apple car play.

No cracks on the interior parts.

Slantback conversion with original parts from the 2000 - 2001 production. Only 39 trucks where build in 2000 and 2001 with this Slant back roof.

Headliner original Alpha,
The lower C-Pillar covers from 2006 interior where matched to the upper c-pillar cover from 2000. All original carpet from 2006 Alpha 2nd wave production.
The roof interior parts are covered with original 2006 Alpha headliner material.
Sound insulation in the Roof and the Cargo floor (comparable to dynamate)
This Truck is like no other could be factory made as it is.

All electrical for the roof (wiper and door lock) has been made as it was in 2000 for the roof, (original harness was installed) even the fuse and relay location is installed in the junction box in the driver foot well. Original 2 Pump windshield washer Reservoir for the rear wiper.
2006er wiper switch for the rear window wiper.

34040 Miles

The Truck has a clean German Title.

Feel free to call me +49 178 19 79 879 or send me a message and I‘ll call you back.
I speak english no worries.

I arrange shipping for free to a german Port to ship it in a container.
If you buy the truck for the asking price I pay the sea fright in a 20' container to any big US coast Port.
If the Truck sells for less than the Buy it now price the buyer has to pay the shipping from the german port to the US but I can arrange everything for him.

Price $225,000 OBO
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