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1996 PEDIGREED H-1 Hummer, looking for a new home.....

Previously owned Hummer H1s for sale - For sale ONLY (no WTB)

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1996 PEDIGREED H-1 Hummer, looking for a new home.....

Postby blackcomm on Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:59 pm

1996 H-1 PEDIGREED Hummer, looking for a new home.....TE172003

I’ve owned this H-1 for the last 22 years and she has been meticulously maintained by the legendary and world renowned “HUMMERTECH”, Mike Sabberese her entire life. Mike presently works in the Tustin Auto Center in Southern CA and has worked on Hummers since the mid-80s. He has built electric Hummers for a mission to the South Pole for a former astronaut and his team, has personally driven Hummers on many grueling races in some of the harshest deserts around the world, personally cares for the Rockefeller’s Hummers that are flown down to his shop in their private Boeing 747 (to Keep the miles low) and is the only one that has been authorized to work on ‘the Arnold’s’ trucks for the last 20+ years,
To keep my ‘Hummr-1’ in perfect running order, the 1996 engine was replaced with a brand new, right off the shelf 2018 GM updated engine in May 2018 and she now has a NEW HEART and a 1 year warranty compliments of the Tustin Auto center dealership and General Motors!
The cost of this was just shy of $25,000 which included some minor fixes for her new look. This vehicle had a twin older brother that I purchased a year before her in 1995 but in 1996 when AM General introduced the Turbo Engine, I purchased the Silver Lady and used them both for my film production offices in Atlanta and Hollywood, relegating the Black Beast to my offices in Atlanta, GA and Annapolis, MD and the Silver Lady to Hollywood and Marina Del Rey, CA. They both did a plethora of commercials and movie shoots over the years hence the installation of the 5 windows on top for lighting up the inside.
Because of her history in the Movie industry, she has the normal compliment of extras as well as some delightful additions to enhance her appeal;
Mileage on truck –105,000 mileage on engine ---500
The 5-Pop out windows on top,
A 5 disc DVD player showing on a color TV above the rear view window,
Rear & side view camera viewing on the TV screen,
10 Disc CD player
Updated Radio with additional CD & USB player
ORIGINAL 1st generation GPS installed in 1996 and in perfect condition Digital engine temperature
EGT temp gauge, a Turbo boost gauge
CB radio,
Electric cup cooler/warmer,
Running boards,
Rain proof vehicle cover,
Alarm system with auto starting with headlights and window controls
I’ll also throw in a Hummer watch, 2 Hummer shirts and tons of reference books and articles I’ve collected over the years regarding the H-1 experience.
This Hummer has a pedigree as it’s been around Movie sets during part of her life and has also proudly taken photos in front of 49 U.S state signs, 6 Canadian provinces signs, the four farthest corners of the US, a ton of other national parks, major exhibitions and special places around the North American continent. These photos are all available for your collection on a USB device should you become the new owner and would like them.
She has been driven by a 2 star General, Marine Harrier fighter pilots, a few celebrities and has been pretty much a road warrior with never any off road driving, unless getting to a location for a shoot! Most of the off road experiences were done by her older twin brother.
This Hummer is also the poster child of a project to help bring the world together and although the personal mission is still part of my focus in life, it might not be on my watch that it happens hence the passing of this Silver Lady to someone that can continue to give her the opportunity to put her best foot, err, TIRES forward.
If an H-1 has ever been on your radar then stop here as this Silver Lady will bring years and years of happy moments to you and your family and with a GREAT Pedigree to share with friends.
I’m asking $71.550.50…….and while I can’t offer the F-4 Fighter Jet, B-52 Bomber, Golden Gate bridge or Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox, should you be fortunate to make the Silver Lady yours, I’ll throw in the 1982 Magnum, P. I. 308GTSi Ferrari it’s towing in one of the photos……….for an EXTRA $65,000 + shipping!
Hummer30states2 239.jpg
Hummer30states2 236.jpg
Four Corners of the USA, Part 1-Las Vegas & California 058.jpg
Coast to coast quickie 4-2004 102.jpg
Coast to coast quickie 4-2004 063.jpg
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Re: 1996 H-1 PEDEGREED H-1 Hummer, looking for a new home#.....

Postby blackcomm on Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:38 am

Hi All,
I had soooo many other photos including ones of the inside but as I was adding photos to the site, I suspect I had reached my limit before the really good ones, hence more of the travel ones than needed. I'll see if there is a way to get more on and should anyone wish to see more of the 'Silver Lady', I can always send them over via email. ENJOY
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Re: 1996 PEDIGREED H-1 Hummer, looking for a new home.....

Postby blackcomm on Fri Jun 08, 2018 8:11 am

Part of the photos I was not able to put on the initial posting was my receipt for the work done to install the upgraded GM 2018 engine. It has a ONE YEAR WARRANTY from both the dealership and GM so if interested in the Silver Lady, get it quickly and.......'Have your Way with Her!'
The invoice for the NEW upgraded 2018 GM Engine with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY from this date
A close up look at the invoice for the installation of the new 2018 GM 6.5 engine.
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Re: 1996 PEDIGREED H-1 Hummer, looking for a new home.....

Postby blackcomm on Sat Jun 09, 2018 7:25 am

Here are some more photos of the inside of the Silver Lady. I've kept her very clean over the years with no BLING BLING to take away from her original feeling. Everything is functional as a TRUE Hummer should be.
Hummer30states1 293.jpg
Four Corners of USA, Part 3  Inside Passage, Yukon Territory, Al 451.jpg
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Re: 1996 PEDIGREED H-1 Hummer, looking for a new home.....

Postby superluke on Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:40 pm

Beautiful rig, Dwight!
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Re: 1996 PEDIGREED H-1 Hummer, looking for a new home.....

Postby axemann on Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:51 am

One owner truck serviced by Mike Sabrese... It doesn't get much better !
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