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How to Post Ads

Help with, and tips for, using the Marketplace

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How to Post Ads

Postby Hummer Network on Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:12 am

The Hummer Marketplace works like a web forum. In fact, it is based on forum software which has been customized to serve as an interactive online classifieds. Ads are posted just like topics on a forum.

You will need to register before you can post an ad. Registering is easy and free.

To post an ad, first navigate to the category or sub-category in which you wish to place your ad. You can jump to any sub-category from the main page. Once you're in the right category, click on the "NEWTOPIC" button. Proceed as you would post a new topic on a forum.

If you are unfamiliar with forum posting, it's very simple. Fill in a subject and enter text into the text box provided. You can include photos using the "Upload attachment" tab below the text box. You can also enhance the text using the buttons above the text box for bold face, italics, font size and color, etc. It is recommended that you preview your post, using the "Preview" button directly below the text box, prior to submitting it. You may also go back and edit your ad later if you wish.

There is no charge for posting ads. Donations are appreciated.
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