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iPhone or iPad photos appear upside-down or sideways

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iPhone or iPad photos appear upside-down or sideways

Postby admin on Fri Oct 18, 2013 10:26 am

When taking photos with an iPhone or iPad, then sending them via e-mail, THE POSITION OF THE DEVICE DETERMINES THE ORIENTATION OF THE PHOTO.

The Home button (the round button on the front of the device) should be on your right when taking a photo for it to appear right-side-up when e-mailed to yourself or someone else. If the Home button is on your left, the photo will appear upside-down. If the Home button is at the top or bottom, the photo will appear sideways.

This is a property of iPhones and iPads and NOT THE FAULT OF THE MARKETPLACE

Note that photos will appear right-side-up on the device regardless of position. The device senses its position and adjusts the display accordingly. The orientation matters when photos are e-mailed, which is the only way to transfer them to a computer for posting to the Marketplace as attachments.

It's always important to PREVIEW YOUR POST BEFORE SUBMITTING IT. That way, you can see whether or not your photos appear as you intend. It could even save you some embarrassment.

If you have already taken photos that do not appear right-side-up in e-mails or in thumbnails when posting them as attachments on the Marketplace, there is a simple way to fix them. Open the photo with graphics/imaging/photo software, such as Photoshop, and save it. No manipulation should be needed. Just open and save. The photo will now appear right-side-up in e-mails and in the thumbnails of attachments on the forum.
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