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Delete Ads When No Longer Needed

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Delete Ads When No Longer Needed

Postby Hummer Network on Sat Nov 03, 2007 2:49 pm

If you sell your item, find the item you're looking for, or just change your mind, and there have been no replies posted, please delete your ad. There is no expiration date for them. They will stay here until deleted. You could continue to be contacted by buyers and/or sellers as long as your ad remains posted.

It's very easy to delete your posted ad if no replies have been posted. Just go to your ad and look for options near the top of the message. The options go , from left to right, "Quote", "Edit", then a small box with an X in it. It looks just like the box with an X for closing a window.

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The box with an X is for delete. If you mouse over it, you will see "delete post" in a little box. Just click on it to delete your post. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

There is also an option to delete a post in edit mode. It's a checkbox right at the top, above the topic icons.

NOTE: You cannot delete your post if anyone has replied to it, so the box with the X will not appear. If this is the case, please contact the Marketplace admin and request that your post be deleted. It would help if you include a link to the post(s) you want deleted so the admin knows which post(s) to delete.
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